St. Angela Merici School
A Catholic  Elementary and Middle School (PreK2 - 7)
(Pre-K2 through 7th Grade)
Talespinner Registration for 2014-15 will begin in August 2014
Talespinner Guidelines

  • Please DO NOT bring candy, cookies, sweets or snacks for Talespinners. (Teachers will enforce this guideline)
  • Talespinners will read on Wednesdays. The time is different for each grade level and is determined by the teacher.
  • Reading time is usually 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The Talespinner selects the books by finding out from their children what the class would like to read or they may want to check with the teacher for book suggestions.
  • For the older grades you may take news, reports, studies and such from the Internet or newspaper clippings.  Short stories may also be read.
  • A schedule will be completed in the early fall and Talespinning will begin in September/October 2013.
  • After the schedule is complete and posted to this webpage, you may make arrangements with other Talespinners for a different reading day. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements.
  • To register, please fill out the registration form found online. (registration currently closed and begins August of each year and ends early September.   Please fill out and submit one form for each child.
  • Make this a challenge to yourself to bring interesting and fun reading material for the students.  The students love to see their parents and grandparents in class!
  • For more information please email :

Mary Broadbridge:Eric Broadbridge: 
What is a Talespinner?

A Talespinner is a parent or grandparent who comes to school to read a book to their child or grandchild during class.  Pre-K2 through 7th Grade are part of the Talespinner program.
Talespinner History

Talespinners started in 1996 when a parent of a student at St. Angela Merici School wanted to get  involved with their child's class and suggested reading a book or two.  Soon other parents were requesting if they could have a chance to read to their child's class. 

The principal at the time, Jim Campbell, liked it so much that Talespinners was made a requirement for the lower grades. He also joined in and began to read to several of the grades.

Mrs. Remont is currently reading to all grade levels and is a big supporter of this volunteer reading program.

An online registration form is filled out at the beginning of the school year by prospective Talespinners and a schedule is composed for  September/October.  This schedule can be found here at the school website.  The number of times a Talespinner gets to read is dependent on how many parents sign up to read to each class.
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2013-14 Talespinner Schedule

NOTE TO ALL TALESPINNERS:  Please follow the Guidelines below
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