Our Home Learning Approach is Absolutely SAMsational

During this unprecedented time we have launched our home learning program, SAMsational Learning, for all of our students from Pre-K through 7th grade. St. Angela students have always enjoyed our hands-on approach to learning in the classroom. Our lessons are designed to provide opportunities to show creativity as well as enhance technological skills. It is not uncommon to walk down our halls and see students utilizing resources on iPads or Chromebooks or even to see students programming robots in our Makers Lab. Our home learning environment is no different! During this time of remote learning, students have been able to use resources in their homes to create and imagine. Our teachers have been able to set up a platform for students using technology to guide learning, and our students have shown more creativity with those lessons than we can imagine. Parents share pictures of their children discovering, creating, and learning. We are so grateful that our foundation can guide students even when learning away from school. We know our students are continuing to grow in their faith, academics, service and leadership skills while we are temporarily separated. We look forward to being together again soon on our SAM campus!