St. Angela Angels

We’ve created St. Angela’s Angels, dedicated to bringing assistance to our school families during these difficult times. We want to make sure all of our families can return to school when we reopen. We want to ensure that St. Angela Merici Catholic School, which builds leaders for tomorrow, continues to thrive for generations. This virus threatens our health, our daily routines and finances. But it can’t touch our faith, our hope and our love.


Please support St. Angela Merici Angels by giving online below.

If you are in need of tuition assistance, please read more about eligibility and the timeline for a response to your application:


Any faculty, staff or current family of the St. Angela School Community who presently finds themselves in financial difficulty due to a lay-off, furlough, inability to work or with reduced hours due to circumstances surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Review Process

Applications for tuition assistance will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed in the order received. Applications will be reviewed monthly on the first of each month and notifications sent within 3-5 business days following the review dates. Due to limited funds, we will not be able to provide awards to all eligible applicants.

Applications are reviewed by a set panel including the Pastor, Finance director, and school administration. Applications are available through the school office.

Award Process

Awards will be a minimum of $250 or as funds allow.