Counselor’s Corner

St. Angela Merici offers the services of a full-time counselor to assist students and families. The counselor helps to identify, assess, and resolve social, emotional, behavioral and academic difficulties that may interfere with achievement and adjustment in school. All information shared by students, parents and teachers is kept confidential consistent with applicable law (i.e. only to the extent that it is legally privileged). Such situations include, but are not limited to, circumstances where the child reveals information about abuse or danger. The counselor will act at all times in a professional manner that is consistent with the legal and ethical standards that all school counselors uphold.


Counseling services include:

  • Brief, individual sessions to address personal, social/ academic issues related to school
  • Small group sessions to address conflict resolution
  • Classroom guidance lessons using the Choose Love Movement curriculum
  • Parent and teacher consultations to address personal, social and academic issues related to school
  • Referral assistance to other services and programs in the community
  • Coordination of evaluations for possible student exceptionalities
  • Crisis intervention and prevention


“Lunch Bunch,” a small group that meets during students’ lunchtime is also offered to participate in. Small groups help develop the skills and coping strategies needed to be successful in the school environment. Targeted skills may be in areas such as friendship, communication, anger management, and social skills. Small groups meet once a week during lunch for a full nine-week quarter, and are divided by grade level and gender. While Lunch Bunch is encouraged, it is 100% optional. Students enjoy interacting with their peers in a small group setting and are comforted by discovering that other children are navigating the challenges of growing up as well.

St. Angela Merici School has implemented a program called Choose Love into our curriculum for pre-k thru 7thgrade. The program teaches 4 character values and Social & Emotional skills that help to cultivate optimism, resiliency, and personal responsibility in our students. They include Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action. Our counselor, Mrs. Lindsey, goes into the classroom on a monthly schedule to teach them to Choose Love, while our teachers and faculty reinforce it on a daily basis. For more information, please visit